Kathy Kline

The sponsor for the future USS KINGSVILLE is Kathy Kline, the daughter of Sue and Dr. Richard G. Sugden, M.D. (a member of the King Ranch family).

A central figure in a ship’s life is the sponsor. Chosen by the Secretary of the Navy, a ship’s sponsor is a female who is typically selected for her relationship to the namesake or to the ship’s current mission in accordance with SECNAV Instruction 5031.1C.

Once selected, the sponsor maintains that role for the entire commissioned life of the ship. The sponsor selects a maid/matron(s) of honor to help her execute her official and unofficial roles. The maid/matron of honor can serve as a proxy at events, and if the sponsor steps down from the role or dies while the ship is in commission, the primary maid/matron of honor will represent the sponsor in all official sponsorship duties.

With roles like maid/matron of honor, the wedding theme is carried throughout the commissioning ceremony with the employment of flower girls.